Since the start of this year, the Backstage Pass is a special status enjoyed by our most loyal concert-goers. We've recently updated the perks and terms of the program.

[updated August 29th]

Every time you buy tickets to a show, these will be counted on your digital “punchcard” after the show has taken place. 

when you reach 10 tickets
Inclusion in "The Early Word" email blasts, which notifies our members of just-announced shows before they are more widely promoted

when you reach 20 tickets
you get 4 free tickets, valued at $25 per ticket. The value can also be applied to more expensive shows. Pick out two shows to come with a +1, or book a whole bistro table for an upcoming show!

Wondering why the perk is for four tickets? Scroll down to learn the method to our madness.

when you reach 40 tickets
4 more free tickets! (You'll continue to receive 4 new tickets each time you reach another 20 tickets!)

when you reach 50 tickets
Pick out a hat or t-shirt from our rack! 

Please note: from this point forward, free tickets will only be automatically awarded in groups of 4. Why are we increasing to 4 free tickets? Most of our loyalty program members want to purchase bistro table tickets. That means they have to contact us to work around the system. That's just too much work for everybody! We hope that raising the reward to 4 free tickets will make ordering easier and faster for our members. 

Already earned your first two free tickets? Before August 29th, we were awarding free tickets in sets of 2. We've sent you your promocode, and you don't need to wait to get to get 4 free tickets to use it. HOWEVER, you will still need to contact us if you have unlocked fewer than 4 free tickets, and want to order a bistro table.

Want to cash out early? Email us at, and we'll give you free tickets based on your standing so far, as long as you've hit the first tier of purchasing 10 tickets in 2023. (You'll know you have, if you start receiving The Early Word newsletter.)

Do the free tickets expire? Yes. Free tickets will expire one year after they've been unlocked. You can find the expiration date by looking at your promocode. The number corresponds to the date of the show where you unlocked your tickets. So if Johanna Doe's promocode says DOE812, that means she unlocked her tickets on August 12th, 2023, and her tickets will expire on August 12th, 2024. 

Help, I've lost my promocode! Search your email inbox from emails coming from If you can't find it, email us at 

Why haven't I received my free tickets yet? Your punchcard isn't punched until after the show has passed. As this system is handled manually by our staff, please allow up to 36 hours for your benefits and free ticket promocode to be sent to you.

If you have any questions about the Backstage Pass program, please email us at 

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