Starting January 1st, 2023, the Backstage Pass will be a special status enjoyed by our most loyal concert-goers.

Every time you buy tickets to a show, these will be counted on your digital “punchcard.” Each time you reach ten tickets*, you will unlock these Backstage Pass benefits:

  • 2 free tickets (each worth up to $25**) to an upcoming show of your choice; and
  • The weekly “Early Word” advance notice email of just announced shows so you can reserve your favorite seats ahead of the general public.

*must be purchased on the same email address
**value can be applied to tickets for a higher priced show

If you have any questions about the Backstage Pass program, please email us at 

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Q. How do I qualify for Backstage Pass benefits?

Purchase 10 or more tickets with the same email address. It’s that simple- we’ll do the tracking.

Once you’ve reached the ten ticket threshold, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to redeem your two free tickets.

Q. When do my free tickets expire?

Once you’ve unlocked free tickets, they can be redeemed for up to 6 months. Use them right away, or wait until you’ve accumulated more free tickets and invite more friends to an upcoming show.

Q. I've purchased 10 or more tickets already in the last week! Am I now part of the Backstage Pass?

Yes! All concert-goers who’ve purchased 10 or more tickets since the start of the year will soon receive their promocode for 2 free tickets ($25 value per ticket, can be applied toward more expensive tickets.)

They'll receive the Early Word email as soon as the next edition goes out, as long as they are signed up for our mailing list.

Q. Do any tickets count towards the 10 ticket requirement?

All purchased tickets count, even $5 drink rail seats.

Any free ticketed shows, including those you book in the future with Backstage Pass benefit tickets, won’t count towards the 10 ticket threshold to earn additional free tickets.